Steph Christiaens
Research Fellow
Steph, as a board member of Stage 88, is passionate about raising the profile of the arts in Brantford / Brant; her methods are focused on building collegiality amongst artists, realizing and promoting our artists' inherent strengths, and putting those energies to work to cultivate a deep-rooted, thriving ecology for the arts. Focus: Mid-Sized Performance Space
Stage 88
Martin Smith
Research Fellow
Martin Smith is President of ICHTHYS Theatre Productions and a performing arts pundit for Brantford / Brant. He is a strong advocate of cross-pollination in the arts as a way to build community, both between artists and audience, and is a liaison for community connection amongst performing artists. More recently, Martin has been working as a Research Fellow with the Arts Ecology of Brantford / Brant on projects that develop community and collegiality amongst artists. Focus: Finding our Collective Voice
Ichthys TheatreMarquee with Martin
Wiktor Kulinski
Principal Researcher
Applying anthropology as a consulting methodology, Wiktor incubates arts ecologies by working with all components of a creative community – including the artists, the infrastructures that support them, the social spaces in which they work, and the relationships that bind those constituents – on professional and creative development using reflexive research to advance local, organic arts practices and the social profit sector.
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