Public Report — Arts Census 2022

Local artists shape future strategies for the arts in Brantford and Brant following an Arts Census Report2 minute read

The Arts Census Report collects insights and perspectives from 70 local artists to create a unified vision of the arts in Brantford/Brant, how the past influences their decisions, and their vision for a successful future.

The Arts Ecology of Brantford/Brant collaborated with local artists and creative institutions to undertake a census this past summer on the state of the arts in Brantford/Brant. We are pleased to release a report which combines data collected from our artists and creatives, and presents a broad-view analysis completed by our researchers.

Artists were asked for their opinions on their industry, the culture of art in their communities, the realities of earning a living as an artist, and their visions of a successful future for the arts.

The Census and its report helps create a shared understanding about the Arts in Brantford/Brant. It outlines possible future visions to guide our decision making in the coming years. 

The report provides key data metrics regarding our artists and their practices. This includes data about demographics, disciplines, identifications, work and labour histories, re-sources and development, and artistic practices. The report also includes:

  • A SWOT Analysis that categorizes findings by Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT);
  • A summary of the common threads as identified by artists and the industry; and,
  • An innovative strategic overview to guide future development of the arts industry. 

Following the publication of the Arts Census Report, our research team will be meeting with our artists and arts stakeholders to present our findings, discuss how they can be implemented, and assist in strategizing those implementations. 

We also invite the broader community to join for a presentation and roundtable brainstorming session set for January 18th at 7:30pm at the Coachhouse at Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, 20 Ava Road in Brantford.